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So you’re interested in joining the Weird City Sisters? Being a Sister can be one of the most challenging and demanding things you can ever do but it also offers some rich and enlightening rewards. Take a moment to review some basic information on joining our Order.

What does it take to be a Sister?
Being a Sister requires a calling to do good and minister to your community. As a ministry of presence, we are often seen hosting fundraisers, out having a good time, or working at someone else’s event. While there is a lot of fun involved, there is also a lot of work.

During a night out we may find ourselves handing out condom kits, providing education, helping people find access to testing resources, listening and providing some love and support in one-on-one conversations, etc.

Needless to say, being a Sister is more than just looking the part. It requires a calling, a desire to do the work, and an investment in the group in the form of time and energy. Our membership is open to all, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, or planet of origin.

What does the process of becoming a member look like?
Sisters are not instantly made. There is a process leading up to taking your vows. It usually takes about a year to become a full member. During that time, you can expect to go through some education, mentoring, and get your hands dirty doing the work with us.

Here is an overview of the process that candidates will go through on their way to becoming fully professed members of our order:

Aspirants: interested candidates will spend a minimum of two months as an aspirant.  During this time, they are encouraged to spend as much time as possible getting to know existing members of the Order and evaluate if they really want to join.

Postulants:  Postulants have fulfilled the terms of being an Aspirant.  They make a commitment to learning our ways and serving the community.  They will receive a mentor and begin manifesting the outward appearance of the Order.

Novices: Novices take vows of service.  They begin wearing a full habit, take name, and begin truly acting as a Sister when out in the community.  They continue to learn our ways and begin helping to organize events.

Fully-Professed Members: These are the core of our Order.  They are members for life in most cases.  Once a candidate fulfills all requirements of a Novice, they may petition the group to become Fully Professed.

Sooooo, I read all of this, and I still wanna join!

Great!  Click here to fill out our contact form.  You will be contacted by our Mistress of Novices.  She is responsible for answering questions about the membership process, and will be your guide and resource on your way to becoming a fully professed member.

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